China Face Mask Suppliers

1. The three in one central non-woven fabric is made of inorganic antibacterial materials, which can play an antibacterial and Deodorizing role.

2. High quality polypropylene non-woven fabric, three-layer thickening protection design.The inner layer is composed of comfortable, soft and non irritant fabric, which can avoid itching and scratching.

3. Made of low sensitive materials, soft, comfortable and non irritating.Special design: soft elastic ear hook, not easy to fall off, can reduce the hand touch mask, elastic ear hook design can reduce the pressure on the ear

4. Ultrasonic seamless edge pressing can cover the nose, mouth and chin perfectly, providing comprehensive protection. Our masks provide a guarantee for your health and safety at work and when you go out.

Color: Blue

Package quantity: 50 disposable non-woven masks